Boat rental in Kiev

Whether You are a first time in Kiev or You attend the city regularly – the best way to explore local attractions while relax and enjoy the trip is definitely to hire a boat. The favorable location of the city near the confluence of two biggest rivers of the country and two man-made seas offers almost unlimited possibilities for pleasurable journeys on motor and sailing boats. Moreover, boating holiday will show You another Kiev, the city you’ve never seen before: the city without common dust, traffic jams and noise. The city with fresh air, beautiful sunny beaches, and excellent river restaurants. From the waterway You can observe the Kiev’s skyline, the panorama of historical part of the city, Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastery, Podol, the river port, yacht clubs and modern districts, closed cottage villages and private marinas — the wonderful views,  hardly available from the dry land.

Only one hour downstream from the city center by motor boat – and You can see Koncha-Zaspa, the most famous habitation of Ukrainian “celestials” – politicians, oligarchs and businessmen, with its architectural masterpieces, yachts, and canals. Quite possible, boat rental is the only way for tourists to see something there because from the land You can observe nothing but 5 meter-high fence. A few more miles downstream and You sail the vastness of Kanev man-made sea, with its numerous islands, reeds and sandy cliffs. From here if a weather is favorable we can reach another destination: “the Flooded Church” — The Church of the Holy Transfiguration in Gusincy village. The village itself was flooded in Soviet era by Kanev reservoir due to the construction of Kanev Hydro Power Plant and now does not exist. The church protruded from the water for decades, dying slowly and painfully, before a few years ago, it was restored using modern technologies to divert water from the building.

If You decided to go upstream – we recommend You to visit Veliky (the name means Great) island – the lovely place with beautiful virgin nature and sandy beaches.  The island has a horseshoe shape with a huge bay inside. It stretches from Kiev Hydro Power Plant dam to the estuary of Desna river. Despite absence any legal private property or buildings, there is a big settlement in the southeastern part of the island, with its own small harbor. It’s like a local “Tortuga” of some sort: the dwellers are mostly fishermen, poachers, ferrymen and other river vagabonds, who use the ramshackle sheds on the island as the only apartments to live. There are also a few quite decent cottages, which used us the summer houses.

Further to the North from the city of Kiev, there is another popular destination — bypass channel. The canal stretches along the Eastern coast of the Kievan sea.  The right bank of the canal like Koncha-Zaspa on the South mostly is a private territory with beautiful gardens luxury palaces and restaurants.

Nowadays it is difficult to find a river in its pristine condition, the river as it was a few thousand years ago. Mankind uses rivers as a source of electricity, for irrigation shipping and mining, altering them for its needs. Maybe it sounds unbelievable, one of the biggest Ukrainian rivers looks like a thousand years ago! In the Soviet era, Desna river was used us waterway for passenger and cargo shipping. The numerous dredgers maintained navigation conditions from the mouth to the modern Russian Federation territory (a few hundred miles upstream). After the collapse of the Soviet Union the navigation gradually declined, rolls and shoals appeared and the river returned back to its original, natural condition, became navigable only for small crafts. Unlike the Dnepr river, Desna has no locks, dams or straightenings. Due to its clean water, beautiful nature, and absence of large shipping the river is one of the most favorite destinations for a weekend.

Of course, the abundance of interesting, remarkable and funny places does not allow us to describe everything here. Anyway, You chose your own format and time of the cruise. You can find out all the information required just call 0994885586 any time and we propose You the most suitable variant for You.